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This is a Redwall wiki. It is for two things:

One, for writing and rping both Redwall and non Redwall animal stories. I've been doing that since before I started reading Redwall. The first ones sucked. We can all explore creating our own animal worlds while trying not to rip off Redwall.

Here is where your Redwall fanfictions can be linked. Simply start a page or blog post, and start writing. Then you can link your story here, or notify me tthat you started it so I can link you.

Here you can link your non Redwall animal stories.

I can link you to my WORST non Redwall story EVER, which I posted stupidly on Redwall Fanfiction Wiki. :)

And secondly, its centered around vermin characters, both canon villains and OCs. You can write about, discuss and roleplay them. :)

My personal favorite one to discuss is Veil Sixclaw. :) But I hate the melodrama.

Brian Jacques' view of vermin was rather simplistic and full of stereotypes. I guess Redwall was written more for children, and he didn't realize he'd have more mature fans . His handling of the vermin characters has caused fans to feel strong sympathy for them, and it's caused many to react in a very . . . um. . . emotional way.

Let's have discussions about Redwalls vermin and villains, like Veil Sixclaw! :) And we can express ourselves by writing fanfics. They don't strictly have to be about vermin characters, of course, but still. . . :)

Here's my post on Veil Sixclaw. :)

Join in! :)

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