Veil is, quite possibly, the worst "complex" character in the Redwall fandom and I dont see why Jacques troubled himself to write him. According to his own supposedly "wise" statements through his characters at the end of the book, all he did was write another evil vermin. And an evil vermin who did not make sense in any way.

In the first place, Veils role in Outcast was so poorly written, I am disappointed. Such amateurish writing is not characteristic of Jacques. To show how "evil" Veil was, he started by vaguely alluding to him starting to "steal things" when he was a Dibbun. Then, as his grand scene, he shows Veil stealing a pot of honey. A POT OF DAMN HONEY. As many annoying and obnoxious Dibbuns have gone off with chestnuts and cabdies, Veil is supposed to be evil because he stole a damn pot of honey - oh, and the pot was conveninently a special pot to the damn Friar.

And then Veil goes on to try to poison the Friar because he pulled his ear. Ooh, so evil and villainous! Not! Its just plain stupid. Veil was not a good villain, and he was not a good grey character either. Jacques started off acting like he would give him some depth, but in the end all he gave Veil was some stupid teen angst.

We were supposed to pity Bryony, but I dont. She sucked as a mother. She never really taught or disciplined Veil, spoiled him rotten and deserved all the criticism she got from the.Abbeybeasts. She deserved it more than Veil did, because it was her fault. Problem is, no one ever showed her getting criticism, just showed her getting petted and treated like a victim. After all, she never really loved Veil in my opinion. Shw just loved her fantasy of him and ditched him when it didnt come true, thus wasting everyones time

Your thoughts?