Jafar is a young adult ferret in his early twenties.

He grew up in Rickety-ville, raised by a father who was a war veteran and who drank too much. His father was physically abusive to him and his mother, but never really made any effort to discipline him. His mother also beat, slapped and spanked him for trivial mistakes. As he grew older, Jafar found comfort in drinking and partying at bars and speakeasies. As a young teen, he became physically abusive towards his mother. When he was about fifteen, his father died of drinking, and his mother died soon after.

Living on his own, Jafar took in orphaned youngsters and soon formed a little group. Talra was taken in when she was about ten.

Used to a difficult life and to dealing with problems the physical way, Jafar is responsible, impatient, aggressive and sometimes harsh. He cares very much about the young creatures he looks after, but frequently punishes them with harsh and angry words, and whipping that often gets out of hand, leaving bruises.

It's his responsibility to bring wealth back to Rickety-ville, either by getting compensation from the Abbeybeasts for Lord Incisron, or taking it by force through war. He's greatly troubled by the possibility that he'll fight Redwall.

He doesn't fully understand Talra's mental and emotional troubles, and reacts with frustration and anger.

Jafar gave Talra her dirk, a long-bladed weapon marked with a golden fern on the blade. This emblem