Maryan is a young Yasran ferretmaid, Talra's age. She's Talra's good friend. She doesn't fully understand Talra's mental and emotional complications, and is frequently worried that something will cause Talra to grow sick or set off a mental fit in her. She fusses about Talra sometimes. She has made many blood oaths with Talra to seal their resolutions.

At one point, Talra attempted suicide in Redwall, while they had gone to negotiate compensation for Lord Incisrons death. Abbess Elinor offered Maryan and Talra an overnight stay at the Abbey and further discussion of Lord Incisron in the morning. But Maryan, miserable over the days' happenings, ran off back to camp with Talra. She and Talra lied to Jafar, claiming the Abbeybeasts had turned them out rudely. When they realized that Jafar resolved to go to war against Redwall for their supposed rude refusal, they confessed their lie. Jafar beat them as punishment.

Maryan considers herself to be a coward. She is awkward and squeamish with knives and sharp things. She doesn't approve of drinking, but gets drunk one time in the story when she's persuaded to drink at a speakeasy in spite of her better judgment.